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Wedding Dances

Due to limited availabitily and popularity all time slots for Wedding Dances have been booked until Autumn 2019.

So it is your special day and maybe you want a flashy over-the-top Musical Theatre number that no one will ever forget, or perhaps you just want to look confident and casual out on the dance floor

From romantic high-school styled clutch-and-grabs in the centre of the floor to fancy Ballroom for weddings at Toronto's Casa Loma - with or without a complimenting choreography for the waiters - Gabreïl continues bringing to life the desire of the wedding couples. Since 1996 he has helped hundreds of couples with simple and elegant First Dances comedic dances that end on the bar, are danced on the bar, are danced on tables. Some of the weddings have included full scale musical theatre numbers, double weddings, entire wedding parties and the band, or Gabby teaching the entire wedding reception how to dance with the help of a 20 piece Swing Band.

The price for a one off, non-regular Wedding Lesson - for up to 2 people - is $85.00 an hour.
On-going Wedding Lessons - for up to 2 people - are $65.00 an hour booked in 4 class blocks.

Please contact us with your ideas and we can help make them happen as well as availability and Group Lesson prices.

Unlike all the other pictures on studios1.ca the Wedding Picture above is a stock photo that captures very much the experience of the Wedding Couples that we have worked with. We decided after much debate that the privacy of our students needed to be protected at the cost of any promotional material for our services.