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Winter 2018 Registration is open!

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Winter 2018 Registration is open – Happy Holidays!

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As you may know Gabby has been very busy with Rust City Brewery. Now that things are settling down there's some exciting changes for the Social Dance Classes for Autumn 2017:

  • Classes have moved to Tuesday Evenings!
  • Each style of social dance, Swing/Latin, are only being held for 6 weeks each session — no more overlapping — to allow students to take both without cramming.
  • We are going back even closer to our roots. Classes are now 90 minutes long with a 30 minute social dance at the end of each class. This is a full extra hour of dancing, a week! This pace allows the classes to slow down a bit and cover more details as well as the 30 minute practice time to allow students to *actually practice* casually and socially the awesome dance moves they are learning.
  • WE HAVE MOVED!! We have relocated the classes from the 2nd Floor down into the Rust City Brewery main space. This gives us the freedom, as adults, to enjoy the licensed establishment atmosphere these social dances were created in.
  • The Ballroom, the Tap, Pilates and Children Classes are being postponed indefinitely. We have had tremendous issues trying to schedule them and with the relocation of the classes to the Brewery downstairs this schedule issue persists as well as not being the appropriate venue.

2016/17 marked the 25th anniversary of Gabby's dance ensemble THEVARS. With the Rust City Project as the main focus most of the planned remounts and new works were postponed. Now that things are normalizing, Gabby will be decreasing his course offerings and spend his time on artistic projects. He's very excited!

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AUTUMN 2016 Registration


Is now open! In celebrating this festive 20th year of classes, we have returned to our original to a 2 series set of 6 week courses per seasons. More classes, more options. Register now!

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Is now open!

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