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FAQ : General Questions

General Answers

  • ✭ Do you offer private lessons?
  • Yes! We offer private lessons on all of dances in one off or on-going weekly classes. Please contact the office for more details and schedule availability.

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  • ✭ Do you teach wedding dances?
  • Yes! We have taught hundreds of brides and grooms and their families how to dance for their weddings. For more information please contact the office about your Wedding Dance.

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  • ✭ Do you offer drop-in or a free first trial class?
  • At studios1.ca we stand by the quality of instruction in our classes. Our courses are graduated with a focus on the needs of our fully enrolled registered students. We discourage casual attendance though some of the classes may allow for drop-ins at a premium rate. Please contact the office for more information.

    We do not offer free trial classes, however we do hold free classes, often monthly which you are welcome to attend.

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  • How can I pay for classes?
  • We accept cash and email Interac™ Money transfers. We also accept major credit cards online with a 3% process fee.

    We do NOT accept cheques.

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  • Do you offer students, seniors or couples pricing?
  • Yes. We offer the same price point to students, seniors and couples (2 individuals paying in the same registration for the same course) that is discounted from the regular registration price.

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  • Is there a refund for missed classes?
  • Our registration fee is for the course not per class. A student registers for a placement in each class for the duration of the course regardless if they attend or not. We take an openminded approach to unique situations but we suggest students take a moment to review the policy section for more information on this topic.

    Please contact the office to discuss your situation.

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  • Do you cancel classes for inclement weather?
  • We wait to make a descision about class cancellation until 5PM on the day of the course. Students will be notified by phone and their notification preference if the class for that evening is cancelled, and instructions if the class will be reschedule or credited.

    If you are in doubt there will be an alert posted on the front page of the website.

    Please note that often no one can answer your phone calls 60 minutes prior to the start of class. Emails can make it through.

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  • What is this Early Registration Discount?
  • studios1.ca offers a discounted early registration price on both the full price registration and the student/senior/couples registration prices. The discount period varies between sessions but typically ends a few weeks before the course start date. This discount is open to all students but can not be applied with other promotional prices or coupons.

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  • Why is there no mobile version of your site?
  • We are working on it!  We have had an ongoing debate on how to better interact with current technologies. At issue is that the amount of information about our courses does not easily scale to smaller viewports without having an outrageous amount of followup screens. Additionally the studios1.ca site has been a slow integration of several previous sites which has had a heavy influence on out time lines.

    This all said students will be able to interact with the dynamic and location aware studios1.ca Student Card for  iOS Passbook as an indication on where we are going. Due to fragmentation issues we do not have plans to support other platforms, though intend to have a a mobile conscious portal for our students in the autumn of 2015.

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Could not find the answer to your questions? Please contact the office.