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Currently we are not offering Pilates courses. Please contact the office for more information.

Karen Rose teaches in Regina. Please visit www.karenrose.ca.

Katie Ewald is teaching pilates in Guelph, Ontario.


In this fast paced world, so many of us look for and rely upon a practice to help us reconnect to the centre of ourselves. Pilates in known for it's benefits of working the "core" of the body, which can have a broader definition than the abdominal muscles alone. The main principles from which Joseph Pilates developed his exercises are: Centering, Breath, Precision, Concentration, Flow and Control. The Pilates ideology is one way to connect deeper to the core of our being.

In 1994 Osteopath Rosemarie Geist, started one of the first Pilates mat classes in Montreal at Marianopolis Community Recreation (MCR) At that time Pilates was virtually unknown, except to dancers and athletes. She took what was traditionally taught in very small groups, and created a class that maintained the precision and detail of the Pilates exercises, in a place that was accessible to everyone.

Within the vibrant and thoughtful community that was MCR, the Pilates Program has grown over the years. In this time, the program has hosted several wonderful teachers and maintained some of the original students! Through the past 15 years, all of the teachers have maintained a high standard of Pilates instruction without ostentation or gimmicks. It is simply a desire to help people feel better that motivates this program.
Some of the best teachers in Montreal have taught at MCR because the atmosphere is so great. This Pilates program is a gem in a world where exercise has become an industry.

In 2009 studios1.ca expanded to include the classes of the former Marianopolis Community Recreation.

The Pilates instruction at Marianopolis, and now studios1.ca is, and has always been, dedicated to guiding students through a self-discovery of the body's potential. We get to know our students personally, and help them through the learning process with a hands-on approach. We go deep into the practice in a friendly community atmosphere. Come and try it out for yourself!

by Katie Ewald

Katie Ewald is a certified Pilates Reformer and Mat Work Instructor with Rosemarie Geist (The Structural Studies Institute) and was the former Pilates Co-ordinator and instructor at MCR / studios1.ca until her relocation to Ontario in 2010.

photo: Former instructor Katie Ewald with students studios1.ca in Montreal