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Dance & Fitness

We are currently not offering these courses.

Our Children, Teen and Adult Dance Programs offer a high energy environment incorporating both creative and technical skills with urban, contemporary and classical dance styles.

In each session different thematic dance ideals are chosen as the focus for the classes. Some courses, such as the Childrens and Teens, offer choreographies which are presented in studio on the last class. Sometimes we present all the classes together in a recital.

During the Dance Courses students are taught preparatory warm-ups and stretches, body conditioning, rhythmic patterns and dance technique according to the age and skill level. Additionally students are encourage to explore their creativity during the dance creations along with developing interpersonal skills.

We strive to enrich our students experience by providing familiarity and confidence with age appropriate popular music and moves balanced by exciting new and unique dance techniques. As well the Adult Courses encourage dialog about historic context and multiple techical ideals.

Our Multi-level ongoing Pilates and Yoga classes of include various styles and techniques.