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SPRING 2017 Registration is open.

Check out our latest Course Calendar. Now celebrating our 20th year of classes we continue to share our love of dance — which we believe is a celebration of joy — through our Swing Dance and Latin Dance Courses in beautiful Downtown Hamilton, Ontario.

Celebrating 20 years of classes

Known for our engaging and comprehensive approach to teaching, we have had so much fun sharing our passion of dance with literally tens of thousands of students, children to seniors, across Canada - we can't wait to share it with you! All the dance and fitness pictures here are us or our students, all the things we say here and in class are our words as we value integrity and authenticity while we develop a kinship with our devoted students regardless of their skill level or the mythical two-left-feet syndrome. Frankly, you join our courses to have fun, so enough chatting come dance with us!

studios1.ca was Initially created as an information centre for all the Swing Dance and Latin Dance Courses and Workshop details offered by Canadian choreographer Gabreïl Spiegelschrift. Since then studios1.ca has expanded its dance and fitness faculty to include leading dance, pilates and yoga instructors and associate artisans over the years as it has migrated to various cities including Montréal, Guelph and Toronto. More details of the 20 year journey.

NOTE: As a reminder we no longer manage regular scheduled classes in Montréal, Toronto or Guelph.

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AUTUMN 2016 Registration


Is now open! In celebrating this festive 20th year of classes, we have returned to our original to a 2 series set of 6 week courses per seasons. More classes, more options. Register now!

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Is now open!

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Lemonade and Lollipops : Free Swing Workshop March 18, 2016

FREE "Toes, heels, swivels and kicks" LEMONADE & LOLLIPOPS SWING WORKSHOP - March 18, 2016 8PM

This FREE SWING WORKSHOP focuses on the leadable swivel kicks and various footwork patterns that dancers can use in all types of ...

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studios1.ca Happy Holidays 2015

Happy Holidays!

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